Studiopombo is a multidisciplinary design-build studio located in Vancouver, Canada. We specialize in the design and production of custom furniture, lighting and installations. We believe that a collaborative approach is the best way to produce design solutions. By bringing together people with different expertise to each project, we create an opportunity for something unexpected to develop, and that is what we aim for on each project: finding the surprises is the best part.
From concept creation, to material sourcing and production, our approach is simple: what are you trying to do, how can we help you do it and how long and how much will it take to produce.
Studiopombo commissions and initiates its own projects.

German Pombo, founder/owner of studiopombo is a multidisciplinary designer, project manager and producer.
His background and education encompass a variety of design disciplines including architectural, industrial, interactive and web design.
Following his entrepreneurial spirit, strong passion for design and love for working with others, German established studiopombo.