Equal parts art piece, light and divider : this unique product can separate a space and light it at the same time. One side is brighter then the other, allowing for more light or more shadows depending on the orientation. The curved forms provide a close view while you are standing in front of it, and when you start to move to the side, more its revealed between the forms. Divselu can be placed against a wall or by itself in a room to divide two areas. Two can be placed beside each other to create a large dividing partition and provide ambient light to a greater area. The curved forms are easy disassemble from the base for ease of transport and installation. materials: rubber plywood, reconstituted veneer, dimmable LED lights, custom metal hardware, non-toxic clear finish. sizes: 42" W x 70" H x 20" D See video below For pricing and availability please contact us at info@studiopombo.com "divselu" room divider and light by studipombo from studiopombo on Vimeo.

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